A coupon is a code that can be redeemed for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a membership. The administrator has an option to give discount to a customer on purchase of a membership or package.


Click the Active/Inactive label to change the status of a coupon.

The administrator can create and edit coupons with the following information:

  • Coupon Name: Type a name for the coupon
  • Coupon Code: Code that will be used by the customer for a discount.
  • Value: Fixed amount or percentage value.
  • Type:

    • Fixed: Deduct Value amount directly.
    • Percentage: Calculate the percentage of the total amount and then deduct the amount.
  • Maximum discount: Maximum discount that can be availed with this coupon. For example, if the value of this field is 5 and the calculated percentage is 10 then just 5 will be deducted from the final amount.
  • Valid From: Coupon start date.
  • Valid Upto: Coupond end date.
  • Maximum Coupon Uses: The maximum amount of times this coupon can be used. 0 means unlimited.
  • Uses Per Customer: Maximum uses per user. 0 means unlimited.
  • Applicable Package(s): Define the package for which this coupon is valid for. The default is All Packages means coupon will be valid for all membership.
  • Applicable User(s): Id's of the user who are allowed to use this coupon.
  • Minimum Order Amount: Coupon is only valid for orders above the mentioned amount.
  • Status: Make a coupon active or inactive.

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