A Booking Form must be assigned to a Module (Listings, Events, Jobs etc.) to start Bookings. This can be done by both the member and the admin area.

How to view all Allotments

Click the Manage Allotments tab to view all allotments.
Manage Allotments

How to Allot a Booking Form through the Admin Panel?

  • Select a form from the Booking Form list.
  • Select a module to which the form will be assigned.
  • Enter the Row ID. E.g. if you want to assign this form to a Listing whose ID is 1, then enter 1 in the Row ID field.
  • Click the Save button to allot the selected form.
    Add Allotment

How can a Member assign a Booking Form to a Module?

  • The member must add at least one listing or module (deals, events, jobs etc.) to view the Booking Form button.
  • After adding a listing, the Booking Forms button will be displayed under the listing title.

Member Dashboard

  • A click on the Booking Forms button will display all active Booking Forms to the Member.
  • The member can assign any of them by clicking the Configure button.

Booking Forms

  • This will take the member to the initial configuration screen.
  • All the fields checked during the creation of the Booking Form will be displayed to the Member.

    • Layout: This is the placement of the fields in the Form. If you want to display form fields in tabs, select Tabs from the Layout dropdown field. Select None for a simple form.
    • Refund Policy: If you want to allow your users to cancel a Booking, enter a value in the Refund Policy field. The Refund Policy type can be in hours or days. If the field value is 10 and the type is days, the user can cancel this Booking within 10 days from the date of booking.
    • Tax Rate (in %): Enter a Tax value that will be applied on the booking of this form.
    • Tax Inclusive: Check the Tax Inclusive checkbox if the tax is inclusive of Price.
    • Allow Coupon: Allow user to use a discount coupon during a Booking.
    • Status: Check the Status checkbox to make this form active.
  • After filling all the information, the member must click the Save button to allot this Booking Form.

Allotment Settings

How to Add Options?

Options are the choices you will have when creating a package. These are displayed to the visitor during an appointment/booking.

  • Click the Fields button to add options for packages.
    Note: The option can be added only to a Booking Field.

Fields Button

  • Click the Options button.

Options Button

  • Enter a value under the Option column.
  • Click the Add button to add more options.
  • Click on the Save button to save options.

Options Screen

How to Split Fields?

Sometimes you want to partition a field into multiple instances e.g. in a Doctor Booking package, you would like to have two instances of the Timings field FROM and TO. This will be used for the duration selection during an appointment.

  • In order to create an instance of a field, click the Split button.

Split Button

  • Enter a name for the instance under the Option column.
  • Click the Add button to add more instances.
  • Click on the Save button to save instances.

Split Screen

How to Add Packages

Package is a bundle of options that you added earlier. The visitor must select a package to complete a booking.

  • Click the Add button to add a new package.

Add Package

  • This will redirect you to the package screen where all your saved options will be displayed in the dropdown fields.
  • Create a package using these options and click the Save button.

Package Screen

Once you have added all the packages, click the View button to view your Booking Form.

A user can assign multiple booking forms to a listing/module. All the assigned booking forms will be avaiable for Booking on the listing/module detail page.