What is "Claim A Listing" Feature?

The “Claim a listing” feature lets users claim a listing on your site as their listing. When they claim a listing, they are prompted to pay for the listing just as if they created it themselves. You can enter very basic data and then prompt business owners to claim their listing so that they can take control of it and add the data that is valuable to them. After approval, they can take control of the listing and add photos, business hours, and other important information to the listing.

How to set a Claim Price

Set a Claim Price

  • Login to the Admin Panel, go to Financial->Packages and edit your listing package.
  • Go to the Price & Durations tab.
  • Enter a value in the Claim Price field.
  • Also change the Claim Status After Order dropdown field under the Basic tab as per your requirement.
  • Click on the Save button to save your changes.

Set a Claim Price

How to Claim a Listing

  • Go to the Listing detail page.

Listing Detail Page

  • Click on the Claim tab to claim a listing.
    Note: The user must be logged in and must have an active membership to proceed further.
  • A popup window will open with Claim price.

Claim Popup

  • Click on the Proceed to Checkout button for the Checkout page.
  • Fill your details, select a payment method and again click on the Proceed to Checkout button.

Claim Checkout

  • After a successful checkout, you will see a success message on the top of the screen.
  • If the Claim Status is set to approved in the Admin Panel. You will see a message similar to:

Your claim request has been approved. You could now edit the listing from your account.

How to manually approve a claim?

Claim Approval

  • Go to Content->Listings->Listing Claims to see all claims request.
  • Change the Claim Status to Approved.
  • Check the Notify Customer checkbox to send a notification to the user via email.
  • Click on the Save button to approve a Claim.

How to disable claim for a specific listing?

Claim Disable

  • Go to Content->Listings->Manage Listings.
  • Edit the Listing for which you want to disable the claim option.
  • Uncheck the Allow user to Claim this listing? checkbox and click the Save button.

Note: The claim option will not be visible to the Listing Owner.