• Claimed: Listings which are claimed.
  • Unclaimed: By default, all new listings comes under Unclaimed tab. Once a listing is claimed, it will be moved to the Claimed section.
  • Inactive: Deactivated or newly submitted listings.
  • Featured: Sponsored listings
  • Expired: Package or membership expired listings
  • Spammed: Unsolicited listings
  • Deleted: Listings deleted by the administrator

Listings Home


  • Logo: Listings with logo
  • Product or Service: Listings with products or services
  • Photos: Listings with images
  • Videos: Listings with videos
  • Classifieds: Listings with classifieds
  • Business Hours: Listings with business hours
  • By Role: Filter listings based on user role. For instance, to see all listings added by the administrator, click By Role and select Administrator.

Create a New Listing

  • Log in to your GoClixy Administration Panel (Dashboard).
  • Go to Content->Listings and click the Create Listing tab.
  • As needed, select a package, user and categories. Add business title, description and keywords.
  • Fill other information: basic, address, contact info, social, map, custom fields and meta tags.
  • When you are ready, click the Save button.

Featured: Display listing in the featured block and on the top list of the results.

Expires On: Leave this field blank as it will be filled automatically based on the package duration.

Edit an Existing Listing

  • To edit a listing that already exists on your website, go to Content->Listings.
  • Click the name of the listing in the Business Title column. If your list spans several pages, you can click through each page via pagination or enter your listing's title in the search box.
  • Make the changes and click the Save button to save your edited listing.

Add Custom Field to Listings

To add a custom field, go to Tools->Custom Fields and click the Create Custom Field link on the top right corner. Fill the information and click the Save button.

Upload Logo

Listings Logo

To upload a business logo:

  • Login to GoClixy Admin Panel dashboard and go to Content->Listings.
  • Under Business Title, click the Upload Logo link. Browse logo file and click the Update button.

Products or Services

Product and Services

To get started adding a new product or service, find the Product or Service link under the Business Title .

  • Click the New Product/Service button
  • Add the Title of the product
  • Select Product/Service from the Type
  • Specify Price (optional) and add Description
  • Upload image, then click Save

To edit an existing product/services, click the product name in the Title column. Modify the information and click the Save button.


Upload Image

  • To upload an image, click Photo(s) link under the Business Title:
  • Click the Upload a file button and browse your computer for images that you have saved
  • You can upload more than one image at once, just repeat the upload process for each image and it will be added automatically to the business listing.


You can only add YouTube videos link to a listing; therefore, upload your business video on YouTube and use the link here.

Manage Video

  • To add a YouTube video to a listing, log into your GoClixy Admin Panel and find the Video(s) link under the Business Title column.
  • Visit, and find the video you want to link to a listing. Copy the URL from the address bar and paste to **Video*** field.
  • You can also set a title for your video else GoClixy will automatically grab this information from YouTube website.
  • Click the Save button to store this information.

To edit an existing video, click the video name in the Title column. Modify the information and click the Save button.


  • Login to admin panel, go to Content->Listings and find Classified(s) link under the Business Title column.
  • Click the New Classified button as shown above.
  • Add a Title, image and other information.
  • Once you are done, click the Save button

Valid From: Date from which classified will be visible to the frontend users.

Expires On: Date when classified will expire

Price: Specify price for this classified

Buy Link: External website link where visitors can buy this classified

Business Hours

Business Hours

  • Log in to the Admin Panel and go to Content->Listings.
  • Find Business Hours link in the Business Title column.
  • Select business hours using Timepicker.
  • Do not forget to select checkbox to the left of the Day column or time will not be saved. Uncheck the checkbox to delete an existing information.
  • To mark a day close, leave the box unchecked.
  • Click the Save button


The claim feature lets visitors claim a listing on your website as their listing. When they claim a listing, they are prompted to pay the claim price. The user must purchase a subscription before claim.

To view all claimed listings, click the Claims tab.
Claim Listings
Claims Home

To approve a claim, select Active from the dropdown list in the Status column. To send an email to the user, check Notify Customer checkbox and click the Save button.


  • Active: New claims
  • Approved: Claims approved by the administrator
  • Rejected: Disapproved claims
  • Forged: Faked or false claims
  • Cancelled: Claims cancelled by the administrator


A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of a black and white pattern that contains listing URL address. With the help of QR Code Generator, a QR Code can be created within seconds and in four simple steps.

  1. Go to Content->Listings and click the Generate QRCode tab.
  2. Input the start and end ID of the listing and QRCode will be generated for all listings having id's between the provided input. The difference should not exceed 50000.
  3. Select Insertion type:

    • Insert Only: Generate QRCode for new listings only. If a listing with QRCode already exists,that will be ignored.
    • Insert and Update: Gerate QRCode for all listings, insert new QRCode and update existing.
  4. Click the Save button and listings are ready with QRCode.

Generate QRCode



After bulk listing import, you must enable them for multi level categories. Go to Content->Listings and click the Update Categories tab.
Update Categories

  1. Input the start and end ID of the listing. The difference should not exceed 200000.
  2. Select Insertion type:

    • Insert Only: Insert categories for new listings only.
    • Insert and Update: Insert and update categories for all listings.
  3. Click the Save button.